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Top 5 Greyhound Betting Tips

In the exciting world of greyhound racing in the UK, there are 19 tracks to choose from! Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, keeping up with all the action can be overwhelming. But fear not, it’s all about narrowing your focus. Those who know the game best tend to specialize in open class racing, where the top dogs battle it out. These elite athletes tend to be more predictable than their lower ranked peers. And just like in horse racing, wise bettors tend to skip the Class 6 handicaps and aim for the higher levels. So pick your track and your level, place your bets, and enjoy the thrill of the race!

By honing in on your favorite track, you may uncover insights that others have yet to discover. Paying attention to the nuances of the track could give you the upper hand in detecting trainer and horse biases, as well as which part of the track is most favorable. With a little bit of laser focus, you can gain an edge over the average bettor and increase your chances of success.

As a seasoned bettor, there’s nothing quite like placing your money on a front runner in greyhound racing. Sure, some tracks might have a pace bias, but there’s just something about watching a dog take an early lead and holding on until the finish line. But keep in mind that early speed and trapping skill aren’t always a package deal. To spot a true front runner, you’ll want to analyze the split time and initial bend position on the card.

Imagine Central Park as a racetrack for dogs. The split time, or the time it takes for a dog to run straight from the traps to the winning line, is respectable at around 3.20 seconds. But, the first bend position is the key to success, as the winning line is only halfway up the straight. This means that even if a dog has a sectional measurement of 3.25, their initial bend position could affect their overall speed. For example, while another dog with a 1 on the card for the first turn may not be a great trapper but has excellent early pace once they get going.

When it comes to dog racing, a fast start doesn’t always mean a fast race as some dogs might outpace the competition at the start, but they may not have the same speed on straightaways and turns. It’s important to be careful with the details. It’s crucial to know the track well and where the finish line is located so you could put yourself in pole position for the win. It’s all about strategy and knowing your dog’s strengths!

Greyhound racing is just as unpredictable as horse racing, with the draw being a critical factor. Greyhounds are categorized into rail runners, medium runners, and broad runners, with most races requiring a mix of the three. However, in open races, this is not always possible. To help identify middle and wide racers, symbols marked “m” and “w” are used on the racecards. Unfortunately, even the fastest dog in trap 6 could be at a disadvantage if they typically perform best from trap 1. Finding the optimal starting position is crucial for success in greyhound racing.


Don’t be fooled by favorites – the real excitement lies in the underdogs. Take a chance on a well-drawn outsider who might not be the speediest, but has the advantage of a smooth and clear path around the track. Keep an eye out for a lone “seeded” runner, who could make a run for it if the surrounding pack of greyhounds shift left at the starting line. It’s all about strategy, and sometimes taking a risk on the unexpected can pay off big time.

As you tune in to your bookmaker or RPGTV stream, it’s important to keep a close eye on the races and jot down any noteworthy observations. Don’t rely solely on the racing office’s comments, as they may differ from your own and could potentially lead you astray. For example, if a dog previously performed well from trap 1 but is now placed next to the favored dog, it could be worth exploring other possibilities for a good bet. Always remain vigilant and do your own research to increase your chances of success.

For female dogs, this is a pivotal day as they transition into their off-season. When a female dog is in their season, they are required to take a 3-week stand-down period. However, it can take up to 16 weeks after that time for them to reach their peak performance again. To spot a female dog’s season, look out for the date in brackets on the racecard (Ssn 21 Aug ’21, for instance). By December 11th, these female dogs should be at the top of their game, making them excellent choices for price-winning bets and impressing your companions at the racetrack.


While some female dogs may return to form more quickly than others, it’s important to pay attention to a dog’s performance after the post-season. Around 12-13 weeks, you might see signs that things are improving, so don’t be afraid to jot down your observations. The key to success is to always bet wisely while enjoying the excitement of the track. So, head down to the races and put your newfound knowledge to the test!